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Every Sunday Night

Dayton's Longest Running Jazz Jam
Featuring the Mighty Hammond B3

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Generations Big Band

The Jazz Central Big Band

1st. Friday Blues Jam

Our Featured Hammond B3 Players
Upcoming Special Events at Jazz Central:
03/05/2015 "March Jazz Birthdays Celebration"
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Jazz Central schedule of Events

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Our Featured Hammond B3 Players:

The first, third & fifth
Sundays features
Kenny Baccus
The second and fourth
Sundays features
John Slate

Jazz Jam Sunday Hours from 8:00 pm to 11:30 pm

Check out our expanded dance floor!

Jamming Over the Years at Jazz Central
A painting - by Clifford Darrett

What is Jazz Central? 
     Jazz Central is a small club, which reminds one of New Orleans, on Daytonís east side thatís been jamming on Sundays over 38 years.  In recent years, since the major decline of jazz in Dayton, Ohio, they open the doors on Sunday night pay a small core group of regular players, the electric, staff and security and hope they make enough off the bar to keep the jazz going. 
      Over the years many young players, (twelve year olds and such), have had a chance to cut their teeth on the Jazz Central stage.  Aside from the Sunday night jams, back when times were better, they would, on occasion, pay some players to do a tribute concert or a B3 Organ face off, or the like. Jazz Central has never been able to pay for big events like some of the larger clubs, who for the most part have all dropped jazz.  On the other hand they have provided the club free gratis for just
about anyone who would like to put on a jazz tribute or benefit concert Ė Jazz Advocate has done its share over many years.


Jazz Central Presents Big Band Jazz in Dayton

The Generations Big Band
Coming again Thursday, March 19th
(And every third Thursday)
7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
$5 Admission at the door

     It is my belief that there is nothing like live big band music. You could read about a musical performance, you could listen to a recording or watch a videotape of the event but you wonít experience that special electricity of live performance without being there. Itís a matter of seeing, hearing, feeling and on rare occasions making your hair standing on end.

Food available for purchase.
Secured lighted parking.
Family friendly event, bring the kids.
Catered food by The Next Level Service.

Jazz Central Presents Big Band Jazz in Dayton
The Jazz Central Big Band
Coming again Thursday, March 5th
(And every first Thursday)
     This band was originally started by Scott Belck who at that time (around 1996), was a member of the Air force Band of Flight and today is the Director of Jazz Studies at CCM in Cincinnati. In those days the band consisted of many Air Force musicians. They were very successful for a long period of time and eventually disbanded. About two years ago Mike Rinderly, a member of the Generations Big Band, got the idea to start a band using the music of the original Jazz Central Big Band to fill the normal vacancy spot left by Generations taking January off in those days. Well one thing led to another and today the Jazz Central Big Band plays the first Thursday of each month and still contains many Air Force musicians.
7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.
$5 Admission at the door

Food available for purchase.
Secured lighted parking.
Catered food by The Next Level Service.

Bringing the "Blues" back to Jazz Central:
1st Friday Blues Jam
All musicians are welcome!

Coming again Friday, March 6th
(And every first Friday)

Featuring Dustin Malone and Friends:
     I was fortunate to catch the First Friday Blues at Jazz Central last month featuring Dustin Malone and a cast of eight or ten players and vocalist. I was impressed with the quality of musicianship on the stage. If you like Blues you should check this out, they really have something going, with their Chicago style of Band Blues.

8:00 pm to 11:00 pm
$5 Admission at the door

Secured lighted parking.








"March Jazz Birthdays Celebration"

The Jazz Central Big Band
Celebrates Jazz Birthdays:
Thursday, March 5th

Message from Linda Landis:
"The Big Jazz Birthday Bash!" March lends itself to many possibilities from snow to Women's History Month. This March we celebrate the birthdays of great jazz musicians! Greats like Glenn Miller, Sarah Vaughn, Michael Brecker, Thad Jones, Nat King Cole, Astrud Gilberto, Freddie Greene, Bobby Shew, Grover Mitchell, Quincy Jones and Shirley Scott were born in March! Come make this a giant birthday party for jazz musicians we all love and adore! Come celebrate "The Big Jazz Birthday Bash!"

:30 pm to 10:30 am
$5 Admission at the door

Secured lighted parking.
Catered food by The Next Level Service.